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All Saints Sunday   Norton St


1 Thessalonians 2: 9 - 13    Matthew 24: 1 - 14 

 Rector’s Reflection

It is interesting to reflect in our lives how much of our security is in buildings: our homes and also the familiar buildings of our day to day life in our towns and cities.  As Christians, how much security for our faith is unwittingly rooted in our historic church buildings?  So if you were to be told that your village church was on the council’s list for demolition in ten years time how do you think you would react?  In today’s gospel reading we see Jesus sitting on the Mount of Olives (the very place that Zechariah had predicted that the Messiah would stand when he came to establish His kingdom) and talking to his disciples about the events that would take place before the end of the age.  Gazing at the glorious structure of the Temple the disciples found Jesus’s words about its destruction difficult to believe.  But the temple was indeed destroyed only 40 years later when the Romans sacked Jerusalem in AD 70.  Ironically the destruction of the temple and the following Diaspora as the early Christians were scattered throughout the then known world were part of God’s perfect timing and the rapid growth of people coming to a living faith in the risen Lord Jesus.  As church attendance numbers decline and the burden of maintaining historic buildings increases we do need to re-think our priorities, and certainly not be tied down by placing building maintenance above putting our energies into getting out and meeting the people who live around us and sharing the Living Lord Jesus with them in the daily rough and tumble of life.                                      


Rector Hardington Vale             


Remembering those who have died

A Service at All Saints Tellisford to remember loved ones who have died and to give thanks for their lives will be held at 6pm on Saturday 1st November. 

Bring and Share Lunch, Sunday 2nd November 

This lunch after services on Sunday will be at the Rectory for all who came on the Michael Mitton day, or who would like to have come, to share what was learnt and thoughts resulting from this.

Monday 3rd November

Brian Maclaren is speaking at Woodlands Church Bristol on Monday November 3rd at 7pm on ‘We make the road by walking’.details from Barbara Day on 834438.

Holy Communion at Rode Chapel

There will be a service of Holy Communion on Tuesday 4th November 9.45am in Rode Chapel, followed by coffee. 

Poems for Remembrance– Tuesday 11th November 

At 11:30 am there will be poems for remembrance at Tellisford Church, timed to follow on from the Flag– Raising  Ceremonies at 11 am at War Memorials. 

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House for Duty Interview Day

A big thank you to all involved in the Interview Day for the Associate Priest last Monday. you to those who ferried people around and those who prepared delicious food and to those who were supporting the day in prayer. recommendation has been made to the Archdeacon. more soon.

New Daylight - daily Bible readings and comment

With a team of contributors drawn from a range of church backgrounds this is ideal for anybody wanting an accessible aid to spending time with God each day. £4.25 for a copy covering 4 months delivered to your home. To have your name added to the list of recipients email Fred at jfhadup@aol.com or phone 01373 834090.

Reading in church

Norton St Philip and Rode Churches are looking for people  willing to go on the rota to read the first or the Gospel reading on Sundays. They can be sent to you earlier in the week, if you wish to practise.   Also people who are willing to prepare and read the intercession prayers.  Do volunteer if you can, as we need a few more names to draw from. Please contact Rosemary 834268 for Norton, or Sharman for Rode 830456, or through the Parish Office. 

Cookery Club

Caroline is hoping to run a Cookery Club as an after school club in Norton St Philip School on Monday afternoons 3.30 - 4.30pm starting in January. you would like to be involved in this, coming into school to help and have some fun, please speak to her. Then we can organise Safeguarding and start planning and preparing. more volunteers the better so we can have a rota to cover the term. 

Church Library

After donations of some 100 books, the lending library has commenced in Norton Church.Please feel free to browse or borrow a book at any time. Inside the Records book is aof all books by category, and also a section to fill in when taking out a book. We hope the library will grow with time and provide us with good spiritual resources. 

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