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“The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near.

 Repent and believe the good news!”

 Jesus called people to follow him calling those people disciples, or literally “apprentices” or “learners”. As we go through the next few weeks we will be introducing some foundational vocabulary upon which we believe we can continue to build a discipling culture. This will include a series of easy to remember shapes. Today it is the turn of the circle. The call to be a disciple involves a daily process of laying down our lives to follow Jesus. There are at least two words for time in the New Testament – the first, chronos, is where we get the English word chronological meaning successive or sequential time. Another is kairos, meaning an event, an opportunity – a moment in time when perhaps everything changes, or at least it has the potential to. A kairos moment is when God breaks into circumstances with an event that gathers some loose ends of your life and knots them together. They can be positive or negative but they can be recognized because of the impact they leave on us. They are opportunities for us to grow if we are prepared to take the time to reflect on them, ask God to help us understand them and then use them to act in a new or different way. Today as we encounter Jesus beginning his ministry in Marks’ gospel with a call to repentance, we begin our journey of exploring how we might continue to change the culture of our community to one of life-long learning and growth. Where we recognize Holy kairos moments all around us and allow ourselves to experience the favour of Him who dwelt in the burning bush.

Grace and Peace 

Andy Bowerman   Associate Priest

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Confirmations Classes 

The Parish is intending to run a series of classes to prepare adults and children for confirmation. These will start after Easter. Anyone interested should contact Caroline or Andy. 

Saturday 6 February Afternoon Tea

for Active and In Touch

2.00 - 4.00 Rode Chapel

Come and have a cake or cream scone

Chat to friends adn hear about this local charity 

New Wine, Shepton Mallet

We are hoping to take a group to camp at New Wine Shepton Mallet again this year.  The week that we are going is 23- 29 July - save the dates!  If you are interested in coming speak to Andy or Caroline. Bookings need to be made as soon as possible as this is a popular week and sells out quickly. 

 Downloadable Service Plan for January - March 2016

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