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On Sunday we welcome Julia Di Castiglione from WHY? to speak to us.  Julia has been a couple of times before and both times has shared with us harrowing accounts of the pressure that results in families as they seek to come alongside and care for loved ones, who are coping with cancer.  We will all know people, either friends or even family members who have suffered, or are even now suffering from cancer.  Hard as it is for the individual who has the condition, they are caught up in the physical battle as well as the emotional one.  They are aware daily of all that is happening to their bodies and the impact of the various treatments they are undergoing.  They are also aware of the surrounding heart ache and impact on their friends and family to all they are witnessing.  They are literally on the front line.  It is equally hard in different ways for the family and friends who watch from the side lines, seemingly powerless to help.  That is where the work of organisations like WHY? come in.  Why is a question often asked in these difficult situations and there is no easy answer.  One thing we can do, though, is support the work of organisations like WHY? and learn to listen to, love, pray for and support people going through these difficult and challenging times.  Why not pray together as we work together in this ….

Make me a channel of your peace.

where there’s despair in life,

let me bring hope.

Where there is darkness only light,

and where there’s sadness ever joy














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New Wine, Shepton Mallet

We are hoping to take a group to camp at New Wine Shepton Mallet again this year.  The week that we are going is 23- 29 July - save the dates!  If you are interested in coming speak to Andy or Caroline. Bookings need to be made as soon as possible as this is a popular week and sells out quickly. more...

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Acts 9:36-end

John 10:22-30  

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Our associate priest, Andy Bowerman, is in Zambia for the Anglican Consultative Convention

Sunday 1 May

Rogation Walk

start at 2.30pm in the Farleigh School Room walking to Norton St Philip for tea at 4.00 pm .


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