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10th Sunday after Trinity


Romans 12  vv 1 - 8  The New Life in Christ

Mathew 16 vv 13 - 20  Peters Declaration about Jesus Fortesque Fields    Norton St Philip

Rector’s Reflection

There are two important steps of faith; the first is like Simon Peter says in our Matthew reading today, to declare that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the living God.  The second is to follow Him unequivocally so that we ‘present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, not conformed to this world but transformed by the renewing of our minds.’ Romans 12 vv 1 & 2  One of these steps does not go without the other.  As we put our faith and trust in Jesus He knows that that will change us.  Peter was changed from the quiet fisherman to a bold preacher of the Good News of the coming Kingdom and Jesus knew that the future church would be built on his passionate testifying to who Jesus was and is.

So it is with each one of us, we all have different gifts.  It is important that we try to recognise what our gifts are, and then to use them in serving our Lord Jesus Christ.  The last thing we can do is simply believe in Jesus and not allow our faith to guide, direct and inspire our lives.  The challenge comes in that none of us like to change and none of us like to be out of control of the way our lives are going.  But actually that is what the Christian faith is all about with Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, Jesus is the Boss and He is in charge.  He will change us but in exciting and dynamic ways to use the gifts that we have for the building of His kingdom in our villages.  Let go, Let God….        


Rector Hardington Vale             



Next Sunday 31st August

As it is the fifth Sunday of the month there will be only one service. This is at Tellisford at 10:30 am. 

Diary Date

A special Weekend Away for Men, Friday 3rd October to Sunday 5th October, entitled ‘Expect the unexpected - making the most of every opportunity.’  It is at Sheldon, near Exeter. The speakers are Rev’d Keith Powell, a vicar from the Somerset Levels and an ex-farmer, and Simon Edwards. What you can expect are a great venue, time to talk, think, relax, and great food. Bookings and more information contact Tony Day, 834438. 

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Four week course on Healing & Wholeness 

A Wholeness and Healing Course  is starting on Thursday 11th September at 7.15 for a 7.30pm start. It is being held in the school hall at Norton St Philip First School, opposite the church.  It will be led by Rev’d Dr Nigel Rawlinson, who preached here recently, and Rev’d Keith Powell. more..

Michael Mitton

October 18th  



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Young People

The two larger churches at Norton St Philip and at Rode have special activities for young people and children who live within Hardington Vale. 

Hardington Vale Children’s Clubs 

P&J Club meet on Monday night at 4:30 pm in Norton St Philip Church. Stories, craft and tea provided.

The Sycamore Club meets on the third Tuesday in Rode Chapel  at 4:30 pm, stories, craft and supper.

For all children’s work contact: Marina Mannings – Child & Families’ Worker for the Parish

Tel: 01373 834892 / 07745 455 595marina985@btinternet.com 

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Moving to Norton St Philip? 

Moving to Fortesque Fields or one of the other new or existing houses in the village 

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Getting confirmed?

Anyone interested in being Confirmed please speak to Caroline.Confirmation classes are starting on Wednesday 16th July and will run for six weeks. Any one interested get in touch with Caroline.



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