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Bible Sunday   Norton St


Nehemiah 8: 1 - 4a, 8 - 12     Psalm 119: 9 - 16

Matthew 24: 30-35

Rector’s Reflection

This Sunday we celebrate Bible Sunday.  How precious is your Bible to you?  How regularly do you manage to read your Bible?  The father of a dear friend as he was waiting to go into hospital, which for him was a rare occurrence, said that there were three important things that he needed to pack in his case: his toothbrush, his Bible and a bottle of whisky.  What three things would you pack and would your Bible be one of them? At morning prayer a few weeks ago we read our morning’s scripture reading from the Tyndale translation. Tyndales New Testament was the first to be printed in English. Only two complete copies survive from the 3,000 or more printed in 1526 by Peter Schoeffer in the German city of Worms. Tyndales translation was pronounced heretical in England, so his Bibles were smuggled into the country in bales of cloth. Those discovered owning them were punished. At first only the books were destroyed, but soon heretics would be burned too - including Tyndale himself in 1536.  We forget how blessed we are to have ready access to the word of God.  It is printed in our own language and multiple translations and we are all educated and able to read it freely and openly whenever we choose. Psalm 119 describes the word of God as sweeter than honey, v 103, as a light for our path v 105 and as more precious than gold, pure gold v 127.  Can I encourage you to open and dig into this great treasure for yourself?  Why not take part in our Mark Bible challenge and discover these riches for yourself.                                                      


Rector Hardington Vale             


Remembering those who have died

A Service at All Saints Tellisford to remember loved ones who have died and to give thanks for their lives will be held at 6pm on Saturday 1st November. 

Bring and Share Lunch, Sunday 2nd November 

This lunch after services on Sunday will be at the Rectory for all who came on the Michael Mitton day, or who would like to have come, to share what was learnt and thoughts resulting from this.

Monday 3rd November

Brian Maclaren is speaking at Woodlands Church Bristol on Monday November 3rd at 7pm on ‘We make the road by walking’.details from Barbara Day on 834438.

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House for Duty Interview Day

The interviews for the Assistant Priest post will take place on Monday 27th October. day starts with a short Communion Service at St Lawrence, Rode at 9.00am. This is for anyone in the parish to attend and there will be refreshments available afterwards during which you can meet the candidates and their wives. need to meet us too, so please do come along

New Daylight - daily Bible readings and comment


 With a team of contributors drawn from a range of church backgrounds this is ideal for anybody wanting an accessible aid to spending time with God each day. £4.25 for a copy covering 4 months delivered to your home. To have your name added to the list of recipients email Fred at jfhadup@aol.com or phone 01373 834090.

Reading in church

Norton St Philip and Rode Churches are looking for people  willing to go on the rota to read the first or the Gospel reading on Sundays. They can be sent to you earlier in the week, if you wish to practise.   Also people who are willing to prepare and read the intercession prayers.  Do volunteer if you can, as we need a few more names to draw from. Please contact Rosemary 834268 for Norton, or Sharman for Rode 830456, or through the Parish Office. 

Cookery Club

Caroline is hoping to run a Cookery Club as an after school club in Norton St Philip School on Monday afternoons 3.30 - 4.30pm starting in January. you would like to be involved in this, coming into school to help and have some fun, please speak to her. Then we can organise Safeguarding and start planning and preparing. more volunteers the better so we can have a rota to cover the term. 

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