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This Sunday is Sea Sunday

7th Sunday after Trinity

We welcome you to join us this Sunday.


Jonah Chapter 1 and part of Chapter 2   

Matthew Ch12 vv 38, 39 Matthew Ch 14 vv 22 – 34 


Our seas are something that we can very easily take for granted.  Every year a Sunday is set to one side to help us pause and remember those who work on our seas either as defenders of our islands or for their livelihood as they harvest the fish of the seas.  More recently, we have become aware of the perils of the sea as we have witnessed refugees fleeing from the tyranny of their home countries only to perish on the seas.  We have also been reminded of the importance of travel across our seas as ferry crews have been on strike and caused mayhem around some of our ports.  God taught Jonah an important lesson on the seas as he tried to flee from the task that God had given him to do.  Jesus taught Peter an important lesson on the lake as He challenged Peter to get out of the boat and walk to Him.  What important lesson is Jesus seeking to teach us today as we remember all the different ways our lives are enriched and blessed by the harvest and labours of those who work on our seas?  If nothing else I think it is important to reconsider how we seek to treasure and care for this important part of God’s creation that He has given us stewardship over.

We are grateful to Bob Hill for organising tthis service and for Reverend Canon John Simpson for coming to talk.  May our worship this morning remind us of God’s many blessings to us including the vast, majestic and powerful seas of this world.





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International Charity

This year we are reviewing the International Charity that we support. you have any suggestions about a charity that you think it would be good for Hardington Vale to support please could you email either Ros Clarke at admin@hardingtonvale.org.uk or Sharman Flindall



Help needed with the following so please would you prayerfully consider:-

·         Are you a keen cook? you like to help with the meals for Alpha? involves cooking a main meal for 8 people for a Tuesday evening or a cake.

·         Are you a social media expert?! need help with running the Hardington Vale Facebook page and our website.

·    Are you a keen sports player and enjoy working with children? If so perhaps you would like to help one day a week with a Sports After School club.


If you would like to be involved in any of these areas please speak to Caroline or Andy.








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